Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saying our goodbyes (till next time)

Hooray the ice has now gone and we could move.... We say could, because we had arranged a couple of meets with some boating friends.... We set off at 11.00am across the fields to Daventry and after doing a bit of shopping and posting a few cards we meet up with Keith & Ann off n.b. Oakfield....( Oakfield is also a Fernwood boat and we had swapped our build slot with their build slot as they had not sold their house at the time, after swapping they sold it a few days later. We are so glad we got in the water when we did and it was a big thanks to these two nice people that we did... So as you can see we had lots to talk about including the pros and cons of Fernwood... but in fairness it was all good..... We both love our boats.... We had a nice (cheap) lunch and then made our way just before it got dark.

In the evening we only just had some time to chill out before Andy & Hilary off n.b Maisibert ( came round for a evening meal on Derwent6. They had been so helpful over the iced in period that we wanted to thank them... Andy is known on the cut as "Sponge Man" for his delicious sponges and for desert he brought one round. We put on some music, played some music (The Derwent6 Song) and poured back the wine and had a really good night.

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