Monday, January 18, 2010

Feels like your arm in chains

Nice sunny day again so Del after having withdrawal symptoms, cleaned the brasses... As they hadn't been done for about a month they were pretty hard going....... he was out there for about three hours and still didn't finish them all as his arm felt like it was falling off. Al got up to date with loads of bits and pieces she kept putting off....

The ice here is thawing fast but we still haven't seen any boat movement.

In the afternoon Del then put a new chain on the chainsaw and it now cuts like a knife through butter.... We chopped up a few logs, so we are well stocked up for the next cold spell (Oh yes there will be another one) We then watched a DVD and a bit of telly in the evening....


Wozie said...

It would be lovely to meet up with you on Saturday in Wetherspoons at 12.30 if that is OK with you?
Ann + Keith

Keith and Jo Lodge said...

Hi Both. Del if your free you can come and do our brasses please. They have not been done for a couple of months now. There has been little point with the weather as it is, plus the smoke from both fires tarnishes it quicker than I can polish them. Well thats my excuse.
We tried moving and had to do an about turn and come back to MH as the ice was to thick. Will be a few more days at least before anyone is moving here properly.
Stay safe. No saying Stay warm as I know you will be very cosy.
Jo x