Sunday, January 10, 2010

A warming Sunday Lunch

Late start today due to another late night last night.... After showers we made our way to the pub where we met up again with Andy & Hilary for Sunday lunch. We had a great meal and we sat right next to the warm cosy fire. Afterwards we set out to take Cassie their dog out for a walk and thought we would bring them all into the world of Geocaching. It wasn't long before we found the first one and we then set out to do the second but it went a bit wrong because we ended up in the middle of a field. We must have entered the wrong co-ordinates! Still we were close to Derwent6 so it was back for a coffee and a chat... They left at around 5.30pm and we sat and watched a bit of telly all evening....Dancing on can practice here at the moment! It's just been a lovely weekend!!!!!


Bottle said...

Thank you for the info, no car available but we are OK at the moment. The weather forecast for this area says it will be +3 on Friday so a heat wave is on its way. ;-)

Wozie said...

Hello you two,
I was interested to hear you mention your little weather centre. Could you explain what it is and where you acquired it please?
Glad that you also are moored next to some friendly boaters, it makes all the difference when you are firmly iced in doesn't it?
nb Oakfield

Del and Al said...

Hi Wozie

The weather centre is made by a company called LT Works and you can find them on the internet.. It will also tell you what the weather is doing in a couple of hours time..