Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Derwent6 is rocking

Del was feeling much better today but was still not 100%, so we thought we would have a easy day just having fun on Derwent6. We played a couple of games, sung a few songs and turned up the music cracking the ice around Derwent6 to Bon Jovi. We did have a bit of a spring clean as the fire had made the boat quite dusty, and we also sorted out some clothes we didn't wear last year, so we can't be needing them. We also took the rubbish to the refuse point. The Cook coal boat came through breaking the ice up to the top Buckby lock. They must have turned at Braunston as they normally go down to Stockton. There has been boat movement here today, but not on the Leicester Arm section as the ice is too thick. Another boat then headed off through the tunnel, before it closes for two months on Monday. We have just had a light sprinkle of snow today and more is expected tomorrow, so we have the water container at the ready in case we need it. After a candlelit dinner we just crashed out with some telly... a very relaxing day really!!!!


Wozie said...

Glad you are feeling better now Del. We are also iced in at the other side of Braunston tunnel. It's all very picturesque here and the ice on the canal is softening at the moment.

Anonymous said...

Lovely to catch up with the blog.

Nice to see the name Alfie was chosen, it's lovely.

Keep warm!!


Del and Al said...

Thanks Wozie. It is pretty isn't it? And great when you don't have to travel in it!!

Del and Al said...

Thanks Sarah. Take care in all this ice and snow xxx