Monday, January 11, 2010

Coal was the Goal

We got up early as we wanted to hear Chris Evans Radio Two Breakfast show and what his first track would be.... It was the Beatles with All You Need Is Love just in case you didn't know or aren't bothered.

It had definitely warmed up a bit and we could see some signs of thawing, but the ice was still pretty thick across the canal.

We decided to get some coal and took a walk down to Jules on the coal boat. She was in this time, as the last time she was out in her van making deliveries. We managed to get four bags of Stove Glow and a bag of kindling on the sack barrow and struggled back through the ice and snow to Derwent6. As we thought that was a job well done we didn't do much else all day. Al made some cakes in the afternoon and Del watched some DVD's, just a nice lazy day.......


Anonymous said...

Was it the great escape.


LES said...

Good stuff that stoveglow.