Thursday, August 20, 2009

Staying put!!

The wind was howling against Derwent6 and the rain washing her down as we got up this morning, so we decided to stay put. As the morning went on the rain did stop but the winds were proving difficult for some boats as they went past us. So nice day to ourselves just messing about really, general cleaning, guitar practice, and listening to music, with some athletics in the evening. We didn't even step outside the boat today........Lovely!


Anonymous said...

Hi,hope all's well,looking forward to pirate's weekend,if your down this way,Faversham hop festival is on 5th @ 6th September.Regards Phil @ Marlene.

nb piston broke said...

Nice to see you today and to be able to put faces to the Blog, if you go to Faversham say hello to Kent for us as this is our neck of the woods.Perhaps we will b able to have a proper chat some time. All the best Lynne and Paul nb Piston Broke