Monday, August 10, 2009

Bus and Bike

Blimey bit of a change from yesterday, with a slight drizzle. Al wanted to go to Banbury so we got ready for the 10.00am bus from the pub at Cropredy. Del was going on a circular 18 mile bike ride, so we set off across the fields to try and get to the bus stop on time. Anyone who knows us will know we're always late, and it wasn't long before Al was riding pillion on the back of the bike. You should have seen us we were like a couple of teenagers belting along, weaving all over the place, but we made it! Del then carried on his ride which took him through some lovely villages, like Aston le Walls, Lower Boddington, Wormleighton, Farnborough and Fenny Compton all well worth a visit. (see map below)The route took you on the small lanes, you know, the ones with the grass in the middle, and all the non busy roads. It was quick up hill stints with the long downhill sections. The villages were all very oldie woldie with the old fire stations and churches.
Aston le Wells Fenny Compton Farnborough

Al got on the bus and eight people got on at Cropredy, at the next stop, a camping site, fifteen people got on leaving standing room only. The funny thing was that all those people got the same bus back. Al got some new books and a new top, and she brought Del a new beginners guitar book.

Del got back to the boat exhausted and just about managed to put his bike away before flaking out. Al arrived back forty minutes later with bags in hand after walking the mile back along the towpath and flaked out with Del.

So as you can see, not much was done for the rest of the day. We did talk to loads of people passing on the towpath.

It's slowly getting busier and busier here and we feel this is the calm before the storm. The main stage was being erected and the camping sites are being prepared and look very organised.

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Anonymous said...

Hi,Al @ Del great picture's of the festival,just to let you know,put some photo's in the post for you yesterday.Regard's Phil @ Marlene.