Sunday, August 16, 2009

And now the party's over

It was a nice sunny morning but we were in recovery mode. We had breakfast at around 9.00am and watched all the tents and caravans packing up, The queue was horrendous just to get out of the field.At 11.00am Phil and Marlene turned up to have a cup of tea and say their goodbyes. We then walked back to the car park with them as we wanted to see the charity cricket match which was Fairport Convention v Cropredy cricket club. It didn't start until 2.00pm so we went back to Derwent6 for lunch. The cleaning up operation had already started, but there was rubbish everywhere. The village seemed dead compared to the last couple of days. After a nice salad lunch we walked back down to the cricket and watched Fairport get trounced. It was lovely sitting out on the green with a blanket and a beer of course. After seeing all the stars we left with the clouds closing in and it seemed to be getting a bit colder, so we made our way back to Derwent6. In the afternoon and evening we watched the Athletics, enjoying our gold medal in the heptathlon, and saw Mr Bolt, the fastest man in the world, run 9.58.


nblazydays said...

We wandered down to the cricket but I think that we were so exhausted from the festival that we just came back to the boat and chilled out. It was nice to meet up with you again, enjoy your trip to London and I am sure that we will meet up again.

Alan and Frances

Anonymous said...


you could not stand the sport whats gone wrong with you.


Del and Al said...

Hi Alan & Frances
It was lovely to see you too, and got to agree......festivals wear you out!! Have a great trip and hope to see you again in the not too distant future.

Del and Al said...

Hi Steve
Influenced by watching celebs, lying in the sun with an ice cold beer!!!