Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Gardening and Geocaching

Got up with a few jobs to do... (Yes there's always jobs to do)

We had to check the bilge, look at the low level lights in the galley which stopped working, and cut the hedge on the towpath so people could get by us with ease.
The bilge was easy and we hadn't leaked much from the stern gland but had noticed a small diesel leak which seemed to be leaking from one of the shut off valves on the diesel return. So this will be one for Fernwood to sort out for us. The floor lights in the galley proved to be a bit more difficult as it turned out to be a broken LED strip, so oh well, another one for Fernwood. We then trimmed the hedge (our garden for the week) which was hard work but worth it. It now allows bikers and walkers to pass, without bashing into Derwent6 and as it will be busy here over the next few days, we thought a job well done.
We then had some lunch and decided to walk it off geocaching. This time we did a geocache where you have to find clues in the village, to get the next set of co-ordinates, to find the next clue. (if that makes sense) There were seven clues before you finally set off for half a mile to find the treasure. It was really good fun and a good treasure. The sun was getting very hot so we made our way back to Derwent6 (and not the pub this time) for some refreshments, bad move because we couldn't get of our backsides to get out again. You can see the main stage is really starting to take shape now, it's so exciting....

With most people away on the boats around us, we then put some music on and watched the sun go down with a glass of wine. Another romantic evening!!!!!!!

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