Thursday, August 27, 2009

Early Cruise

Got up early so we could beat the morning was lovely to be cruising early and seeing all the wildlife it was very tranquil. It took us a hour to get to Braunston and just before we got there we met these early birds. There were three pedalo's coming towards us with their back packs on board but we must admit they could have walked faster.... On entering Braunston it seemed quite quiet and we were a bit surprised to see quite a few mooring spots. The old wooden bridge going over the marina entrance had got a new one. We then went pass the old pumping station before pairing up with a hire boat to go through the locks. At the top of the locks there were six boats waiting to go down and in the tunnel we met another six boats, one of them being a rather over sized dutch barge which Derwent6 didn't like too much. Oh well get the paint out later.....

When we got to Norton there were plenty of moorings so we moored up for the bank holiday weekend. We wiped Derwent6 down after going through the tunnel who should be walking along the towpath but Andy off n.b Maisibert ( ). Hilary had gone down south for a few days....(sorry to have missed you Hilary, hope to see you soon). In the evening we walked down the pub for a nice steak and chips for a change, washed down with some Frog Island......lovely!

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