Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busking in Banbury

With water at a quarter of a tank we thought we had better move off today. We have been at Cropredy for twelve days and really enjoyed ourselves. We set off at 10.00am and made our way through the first lock where we were greeted by a Mink which run along the lock and was going to cross the lock gate before it saw us. We never had the camera, so no photos we're afraid.
We made our way down to Banbury and were lucky enough to get a mooring just before the town centre. We then popped into town as we wanted to change one of our folding chairs which had torn a seam and was still under guarantee. They were really good in Robert Dyers and changed it with no hassle. We then had a McDonalds as we like to grab one when we can....Not many on the canal you know, perhaps there's a opportunity for someone......a sail through Big Mac! After picking up some other bits and pieces we headed back to Derwent6 to have a read with our new magazines. It's very busy here and there's loads to watch and do. We did like the paintwork on these closed side doors on one boat. Al was going to send Del out onto the streets to do a bit of busking with the guitar and make a few bob, but the crowds may get a bit peeved with Mull of Kintyre, as that is all he can play lol.

We'll get the water tomorrow.........


Anonymous said...

WOW trust you thought of me when you saw that boat :).


Del and Al said...

We thought of you straight away and both said "oooooo bet zoe would like that" lol xx