Friday, August 14, 2009

Cropredy, Day two

Well it was a nice day, a bit cloudy but dry and a bit of a wind. It seemed a bit colder as well. We had a lazy morning still getting over the night before, and as we could smell all the fry ups across the fields we thought we would have one too. That set us up for the day....... During breakfast we had Bones and Maffi pass us on n.b Bones.We set off at 12.30pm to get our spot in the main arena and were shocked to find it so packed already.
We managed to get about half way up again, but you don't have to worry because if you want to see somebody you can just walk down to the front. It's all quite civilised.....

One of the best thing for us is that everyone brings an old two or four pint milk carton washed out and takes it to the bar to fill with beer or cider. Great idea!

The sessions today were Colin Quarmby, Megan & Joe Henwood, (brother and sister who have just won best young folk act of the year), Scott Matthews, and Ade Edmondson & the Bad Shepards. Yes that's Vivian from The Young Ones... They were fantastic! They sung old punk tracks and turned them into folk songs, it was a real good sing along. Then we saw John Jorgensen followed by the Dodge Brothers, followed by Richard Thompson who we've got to say was very good.It all finished with Seth Lakeman and by this time we were getting knackered again and couldn't really take him in. We must be getting old, but festivals now really take it out of you. We got back to Derwent6 around midnight as we missed the last few songs to miss the crowds. Lets hope we sleep well!

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