Thursday, August 13, 2009

Cropredy, Day one

We got woken up by the crowds trying to get into the fields opposite us towing caravans and trailers and by 8.00am it was two thirds full. This is the field on Wednesday and now this morning. We had breakfast with everyone watching what everyone else was doing. It was fun watching some of the people trying to put up their tents.

We then decided we should put on our ruck sacks and get down the shop and get some bits and pieces, before everyone else did the same thing. It was very busy with queues of cars and caravans coming in, making it difficult to cross the road. It was at this point we found that a slab of beers fits neatly in one of the ruck sacks. We then made our way to The Brasenose where there were a few bands playing throughout the day. They had set up a trailer in their beer garden and there are also two outside bars so it was easy to get a drink. We met up with Phil and Marlene, some friends we had met the night before and had a few beers together. We then headed back to Derwent6 for lunch and when we got back the fields were full.

We walked up to the festival at around 3.00pm as it started at four and we had to get our wristbands. We got a nice spot halfway up the hill and put out our blankets. Everyone takes their chairs, the slope on the field is just right so you can see over everyones heads without feeling you're tipping forward. Standing and dancing is right at the front.

We saw the Harlequins (a local girl band), a folk band called 4 Square, then Nicol and Phil Cool, who were quite funny. We then had the old punk band The Buzzcocks who were surprisingly good and it finished with Steve Winwood who in our eyes was a bit samey and a bit disappointing. (Although if you were a big Winwood fan you probably would have loved it!) He did play both his hits all be it in the encore.
We got back to Derwent6 at 11.00pm and totally knacked..... Al fell asleep in the cratch...the beers and sun must have got to her. A great day though....

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