Saturday, August 15, 2009

Cropredy, Day three

We woke up at 9.00am still shattered..... we mustered up some energy and got dressed. We could not be bothered to go over at 12.00am today so missed Richard Digance and the Churchlifters but we wandered over to see Feast of Fiddles. They were really good and we dived down the front to get in with the crowd. After seeing them we decided to walk down to one of the pubs to see a new band called Leatherats. Well it's a good job we did because they were brilliant. They played a mix of Rock and heavy folk which gave it a bit of Queen and Pink Floyd feel. They must have been good as we walked away with their first album and missed a bit of Nick Kershaw on the main stage.We got back just in time to watch Nick's last four tracks and then waited for Ralph McTell who's lyric writing was superb as every song told a story. Then it was the main band, Fairport Convention, where we wasn't expecting much, but they were also very good.....It was even better when Cat Steven's came on stage, here are two of his greatest fans who got to the front. They finished with their sad old song of Meet on the Ledge which turned out to be very moving, and a good end to the three days. We left at 1.15am after the crowds had gone. We trudged through the rubbish back to Derwent6 and got to bed at 1.30am.....Knackered!

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