Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's like buses here

Nice sunny day today but definitely a bit cooler. Del got on with cleaning Derwent6, wiping her down, and Yes, doing the brasses. Al, well she had a lie in. We then watched the qualifying with lunch, and then decided to walk it off by geocaching. We went out to hunt down five geocaches, yep five, and with great success, but we were shattered when we returned. There are ten in this area alone, but we will be saving some for when we have friends on board.While we were out we had a rare treat and spotted this fella crossing the canal, he was a bit surprised to see us. It has been like buses here today with five boats going by in a row and then nothing for a hour or so, strange with all single locks on this canal. On the way back we picked some crab apples because Al was going to make some chutney with them, nice on a curry night......
In the evening we sat in and watched the athletics and shhhhhhhhh...... the X Factor.

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