Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Del Boy at the locks

We left early this morning....early what's early, we here you say.....Well it was 9.00am. early for us. We set off for the locks and only had one boat in front of us.As we were mooring up who should be coming out of the locks but David Jason from "Only fools and horses" on a hire boat, who spotted the Del on the side of Derwent6 and said it's nice to know another Del Boy. It just wasn't the right place or time to get the camera out as you could tell he was trying to get away from all that.

When we got to the Napton flight Al said she would take Derwent6 down the flight which meant Del had to do the locks.....for a change!

When we got to the bottom lock we thought we would top up with water and get rid of the rubbish. We were a bit disappointed that they don't have recycling bins here as we had just got into recycling from Cropredy.

We gave our old copy of Canal Boat magazine to the boat next to us filling with water and he went into his boat and gave us a book, it pays to be nice to people....

We then hit the M25 of the waterways again and soon had three boats following us..Ho Hum they will have to wait....we're in no rush.... it wasn't long before we were in a string of six boats.
The clouds were starting to get darker so we moored just in time before a short sharp shower.

In the evening we just listened to music....... and chilled

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