Saturday, August 08, 2009

Am I Dreaming?

Super day again today with clear blue sky.... We did a clean up inside Derwent6, cleaning all the glass, oiling the cratch board and a wipe down of all the interior wood. It's amazing how dusty it gets over a couple of weeks. We cleaned the brass porthole liners and work surfaces finishing with a hover through. Before we knew it, it was midday. We have been wanting to do some geocaching so got some co-ordinate's and set off with the pub in mind. We found the treasure after getting some clues from another area and then made our way to the pub.It was lovely sitting in the garden with our feet in the clover. We picked up the gig list for the coming week from both pubs and made our way back (via the shop for a ice cream of course) to Derwent6.When we got back it was another cold beer followed by dinner in the sunset listening to some guy on the back of his boat, two boats down, playing his guitar and singing folk songs.....Will someone tell me we're not dreaming.

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