Friday, August 21, 2009

Finding a weekend spot

We decided to leave early this morning, as the weather forecast was wet in the afternoon. We got to Cropredy village and Al popped in the shop for a paper while Del did the first of nine locks. We then got to the third lock and yes you guessed it, they got it wrong again and it poured hard. There was sunshine and showers all morning but the queues were ok at the locks. After one heavy downpour we were going to stop at Claydon but decided to press on. This fella wanted to help Al with the locks. We stopped at Fenny Compton for a gas bottle and then got out into the countryside where we wanted to be for the weekend. We were being pushed by two other boats behind us but that wasn't going to bother us.It was good to see the old wooden plank bridge being re-erected, but we do still miss the old low one. They have now renamed it the Wedding bridge, we wonder why? We had to find a good telly spot so we can see the Grand Prix for the weekend and watch the weekend rush. It's not been as warm today and we have been on the back with sweatshirts on but it has been an enjoyable trip.

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