Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Sitting tight for the football and Al's in Reading

 We decided to stay put for a few days as the weather was not looking good. They were right for a change and it did pour down during the day. Also Del wanted to see the football as we had a good tv signal here.. It was a good job we did as the games were unmissable and all the English teams made the finals, something we might never see again in our lifetime..
Al made the most of the Thursday by going down to Reading and meeting up with her friend Joy for a Birthday treat meal..

Del did some checks on the engine and all seemed ok..  The weather looked better on Friday so we might move on a bit..
Just wanted to say that the batteries have been amazing. We have not had to run the engine and we have used the electrics like we normally do. They went down to 59% and should get a good charge tomorrow.
There is a new update on the App which now allows you to live track the Solar panels and also the battery status..

We are also waiting a reply from Beta Marine as to why they feel the clamp they supplied us failed. 

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