Tuesday, May 14, 2019

On to Aynho

It was a misty start to the day and we untied and set off.
There was the smell of rape seed in the air as we passed under the quaint lift bridges.
We could have moored alright at Twyford bridge but decided to push on through the shallow section of this canal.
It helped that we had had the rain for a few days, but that didn't stop us kicking up the mud in the muddy waters.. We reached Kings Sutton Lock and sneaked out under its tight bridge..
Again the wildlife was amazing to watch.

We soon got to the difficult Aynho Weir Lock which is diamond shape.
It is where the river section here leaves the canal.. Del steered Derwent6 into its tight turn in..
and we got through in one piece.
 More lift bridges before Aynho.
Then on to find a nice mooring.

The showers arrived just as we moored up but there was also some good sunny periods which brought the batteries back up to 100%.

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