Monday, May 27, 2019

Cheap day out, but covered in grass

We have chilled for a couple of days and have still not had to run the engine due to the fact we have run on solar..  We did go up to the Bell pub for a spot of lunch on Wednesday and sorted out some admin stuff we had to do.
On Thursday we got the train into Oxford again and after a coffee did some more shopping.
When shopped out we treated ourselves to a couple of cocktails in happy hour and we got them for three pound each.
We then walked down to the Odeon cinema and saw the film "Rocketman" as we had some cinema vouchers which we got as presents last Christmas.
 We really enjoyed it, and Taron Egerton acted the part brilliantly.
Afterwards we went to Bella Pasta as we had some gift vouchers and also used our taste card..  On Al's birthday she got an email for two free prosecco's at Bella Pasta so they went down well.. We needed another coffee by the end of all this and then got the train back to Derwent6..

We were in for a bit of shock when we got back because contractors had cut the grass on the towpath and covered Derwent6 in grass. Del was fuming, and tried to get it off, but it needed water as it was baked on with the sunshine.

There were also some stone chips in the paintwork.
 A long job for tomorrow and an email to CaRT will be required.. Where are peoples manners!!

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