Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Working off those pancakes

We got all the polishing finished today and touched up some of the paintwork. Derwent6 looked fantastic again. Then Del went out on his bike while Al done some work on the PC.

You can see that British Waterways are getting on with the locks at Long Buckby but still have quite a bit to do. It seems so weird that the plug has been pulled and the boats are just sitting there waiting to move again.

But to be fair to BW they were working hard to get everything up and running.

We have all been to Norton Junction, but who has been to Norton village.....Well we did today, it is a pretty little village with no shops but has got a nice pub (The White Horse). The bus service goes to Daventry but it is only two miles up the road and you could walk it.

We then went on to Daventry and the country park.....We wanted to see where this new canal into Daventry will go. You can walk right round the reservoir and at the far end BW still have signs showing where the canal will go. This Daventry arm will follow the reservoir drain off back to the canal and will need a couple of locks, but will be fantastic when it's done.
You can follow this drain off into Daventry and it's only a couple of miles to get to the town centre this way, and a nice walk.

This is where it will link to the Grand Union, but we were surprised that it seemed to go underneath. Just the other side of the fence, where the bike is, is where the BW workers were working on the towpath. Why are they repairing the towpath in an area that will end up having a canal running through it, we're puzzled...

Well the Pancakes are ready so get out the sugar and lemon, put on the football and get fat for a night...Yum Yum!


Anonymous said...

I expect that's the paintwork Dad damaged,OR was it something to do with a tunnel? Telxxx

derwent gnome said...

Working off those pancakes !!!!!!!!
I bet you did it to Gnome Rider. Why dont you share me with your friends and show them all what a lovely chap I am.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the card, but which one do you think suits me best. I see that the gnone is in contact again.
Might get to see you both at the weekend.


LES said...

Hi there fellow bloggers
I suppose the reason they are doing the towpath is that like all new canal ideas councils get the talk lasts for years then the actual doing takes more years.
See you on the road.

Del and Al said...

Hi Tel
it was a bit of both lol

Del and Al said...

Hi Gnomie
yep it's about time you were famous as at the moment you're just a little gnome fact....

Del and Al said...

Happy Birthday you old mucker, see you soon....

Del and Al said...

Hi Les
Yep you're probably right.... but it does make you laugh!