Monday, February 09, 2009

Expedition to Rugby

This morning we woke up to find we had got another three inches of snow, but we fancied a trip out. So we called the Stagecoach bus company and they said "yep, we're up and running but we may be a bit late" we set of for Crick again to catch the 10.40 bus to Rugby which turned up at 11.00am. We couldn't believe the snow still around for this length of time and we know this furry friend couldn't either. He was looking for a place to hide, but was snowed out.
On walking down the lane to Crick you can see how much snow we've had. This road had been salted as there is a salt box at the top of the hill, but cars we're still struggling to get up here.
When we got into Rugby the snow had turned to rain, so conditions were getting better. The market was in town with a lot of fresh vegetables, but it was quite dead in places. We had to pick and choose which cafe to eat in as a lot of them seemed empty with no atmosphere.

But we managed to get all the things we went for and had a lovely time there. We got the bus back and got back to Derwent6 about 4.00pm, just before the rain become a bit heavy. We then fitted some of the bits and pieces we had got and then sat back and listened to the rain....

The rain is supposed to be turning to snow again tonight and the winds are getting up, but it is a bit warmer. If things don't get better tomorrow we will be barrowing water back to Derwent6, but we still can't believe the water tank has lasted eleven days (touch wood)


dundustin said...

wow ....I have just spent the last 3 hours reading through your wonderful blog and also viewing your pics. I love your there a layout plan I could see? how big is the boat? you guys look like ur having so much fun and a great way to escape the rat race. Thanks again for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Why wont you contact me ?
Please contact me

Derwent Gnome

Jill and Graham said...

The longest we've gone is 2 weeks but it does get scary!

PAV said...

Hi Both,
Sorry for delay but the only name I can find for the water tank gauge is MSC with a phone number 0121 354 5552. We are pleased with it and it makes life so much easier seeing how much water remains in the tank.
Regards, Pav.

derwent gnome said...

Hi I got the camera look and please contact me.


derwent gnome said...

I cant get the pics to be seen so you will have to wait a little longer


Del and Al said...

Hi Dundustin
Thanks for your lovely comments, glad you're enjoying the blog. Derwent6 is 65 foot long and if you check out the early build posts you'll see a layout plan.

Del and Al said...

Hi Jill & Graham
We're 13 days and counting so ferried in some water today!

Del and Al said...

Hi Pav thanks for the info. That is the gauge we have got. but ours has packed up. Hopefully we'll get it sorted.

Del and Al said...

Hi Derwent gnome
Glad to see you're being well looked after. x

intelligence said...