Sunday, February 22, 2009

Friends from the Beech

After having company over the last few days we had to get some washing done so ran the engine for a couple of hours and rigged up the water hose and did a couple of washes and tumble dried them both. We then had a quick clean through the boat because we had visitors turning up at midday. What has happened to the weather, we had a lot of cloud and strong winds. Boats were still trying to get through Long Buckby locks and having to reverse in the strong winds back to the junction...Fun to watch! The new lock gates are now in and it won't be long before the lock outside the New Inn is operational.

Maxine and Graham arrived with the dog Moley (our first dog on Derwent6). Maxine and Graham run a fantastic restaurant in Kent called The Beeches Restaurant ( and have also been long term friends. They run some really good music nights every Thursday and the last Friday of every month. They also have a magic night on Wednesdays. It was great to see them......

We went over to The New Inn pub for a bit of Sunday Lunch, but were disappointed when we went to order dessert to find that the chef had gone home. Oh well! we thought, it may help the waist line and do us good.......

We then went for a walk up the canal towards Leicester to take Moley the dog for a walk.

When we got back Moley was exhausted and we didn't get a peep out of her. We chilled out in the afternoon catching up with all the gossip and Al did a nice Sunday tea. Another lovely Day!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for coming Guys!


Anonymous said...

What is wrong with that pub,don't they want your money!!!!Tel xx

dundustin said...

Im all suited up for another week at the office, but reading your blog has put a great big smile on my face.


Del and Al said...

Hi Tel
I know!!! And would you believe it, they even brought us the menu for dessert, and then when I went up to the bar to order, they said the kitchen staff had all gone home!! They lost out twice didn't they....

Del and Al said...

Hi Dunny
Glad it made you smile....have a good week

Anonymous said...

thanks for great time
i will bring bannoffee next time
Max xxx