Wednesday, February 18, 2009

First visitors staying on Derwent6

Another busy day today as Dad & Terry are coming up on the boat at Midday. so it was a quick clean through Derwent6 and a Tesco delivery later and they arrived.

We set of through Brunston tunnel avoiding the landslide and then down through the locks. We were then looking for a place to moor down by the pub and who should stick his head out the side hatch, but Les from n.b. Valerie. ( ). He very kindly moved back slightly so we could get in right outside the pub. We then chilled out with wine and nibbles and went over to the pub for a evening meal where Les came and joined us...a lovely evening.


derwent gnome said...

Hi, its good to hear that Len is up and about give my best to him and Terry wont you. And dont forget,im your my mate by right said fred.


Anonymous said...

I dont believe you two, you still manage to get Tesco to deliver and yet Erica will only get them once in a lifetime. I see that Terry and your dad are up today say hello from all of us and tell him not to put that bag out the window as bait. And the good news Tanya passed her theory test today.

Steve Erica Tanya & Zak

Del and Al said...

Thanks Derwent gnome, we will pass on your good wishes.....

Del and Al said...

Hi all
Hey, why carry it when it can be delivered!!! WELL DONE Tanya....just one more bit to go and then you can pick us up from the station when we come down xx