Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hooray! and Hadar

Well can you believe it we're on the move!!! We set off early (still through some of the ice), to get up to the water point at the top of the Watford flight and filled up the water tank which took a hour and a half. This gave us time to get some washing in and tumble dry, and this added another half hour to the water filling.

Everyone was on the move today with six boats coming up through the locks, one of them being the welcome sight and wonderful sound of Hadar the coal boat. We were down to our last bag of coal and no wood, so it was Hadar to the rescue, and five bags were quickly thrown on the roof of Derwent6.

It was lovely to see Jo and Keith, as from the early days of following blogs Hadar was always one we were envious of. We felt we already knew them and they gave us a big welcome. Thanks guys for your help. We then made our way down the locks and noticed some nice wood fallen from the trees, so it was rude not to throw that on the roof as well. We always said "we won't be putting things on the roof", but that didn't last long.

So with wood, coal and water and us well down at the bow we now needed to stop for diesel. We got to Weltonfield and they did us a 95 - 5 split at 75p a litre, so we were happy with that. It was a bit more than we've paid before but needs must..... We made a friend while we were there.

So that was it, we were now all tanked up and ready to go anywhere.....

We got to the junction at Norton and then reversed up, through all the British Waterways boats, to the lock so we could get some more washing done. You could see that they were getting on with the locks at Buckby, and the canal did look strange without water. We sat down and had something to eat and then made our way up to the pub, The New Inn, for a few pints of Frog island (yes we're now trying all the real ales) We left the pub half p***ed so couldn't blog last night....Well what do you expect we've been dry for 18 days.


Bottle said...

Call your self boaters?
Absolutely disgusting, being dry for eighteen days.
Very bad planning, must try harder.
(that was always on my school reports, still applies today)

Anonymous said...

Tank of diesel, coal,wood and most important not ice but water under the boat. Nice to see you on the move.Being free to roam is a wonderful feeling.
LES (NB Valerie)

Anonymous said...

So pleased you've made it at last,talk about jumping in at the deep end you've had it all,what troopers you are.Never mind Spring is round the corner,lots of lovely things to look forward to.Enjoy.Love M & K (Thema)xxxx

PAV said...

Glad that you are topped up and on the move again at last.
Pav - NB Marmaduke.

Kev said...

Hi Del & Al,
Glad to see your on the move again, beats our nine days of been iced in.
Kev & Ann (4 evermoore)

TT said...

Hi Del & Al!

We love reading about your escapades, I see you met the soggy-mouthed beast of Weltonfield! Or; Dribbles as he is now known to us. You must've come right past our home-to-be while you were there as Wils is currently moored right on the entrance to Weltonfield! Hopefully see you out on the cut, if we EVER get onboard!!
Great blog, keep it up!
Toby & Jem (nb Wilshamstead)

Keith and Jo said...

Hi Del and Al.
It was absolutely wonderful to finally meet you both. We hope that you get in some fabulous cruising and that we will see you again at some point. Take care, hugsssssssss Jo xx

Del and Al said...

Hi Bottle
You try carrying it 2 miles back from Crick, through deep snow lol. That first pint went down well though.....

Del and Al said...

Hi Les
This week had felt brillient.....freedom!!

Del and Al said...

Thanks Mum & Keith
Its been a great adventure (and a challenge lol) but feels great to be on the move at last xx

Del and Al said...

Thanks Pav....yep it feels good to be off at last.

Del and Al said...

Hi Kev & Ann
Its exciting, but don't want any more ice as its great to be on the move!!

Del and Al said...

Hi Toby & Jem
Glad you're enjoying the blog. We'll keep our eyes open for Wils when we're up that way again, and will check out your blog. Good luck and hope you move aboard soon :-)

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo & Keith
It was really lovely to meet you too. Hope you enjoy the Leicester arm and hope to catch up again later in the year. Take care xx