Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Water Carriers

Today we felt the need to get some water...and as we are still iced in, we didn't want to wait until we run out, so off we marched with our five gallon (25 litre) plastic container and of course the old faithful Buckby can. We used the sack barrow again and strapped all our rubbish bags to it and started the hike of one mile through the snow.
This would give us the capacity of getting 35 litres of water, and able us to clear the cratch area of rubbish. It took us a hour and a half to get there and luckily the water tap was not frozen up, (we had taken a hot flask just in case). The snow here was about eight inches thick, so we couldn't get the barrow right up to the water point, so we had to carry the container over the lock gates, not a easy task.
When all done, we trudged our way, following our wheel tracks, back to Derwent6.
On our way back the lambs must have thought we had food and came right up to us on the gates Baa-ing at us like mad, so we said how sorry we were, and took a few photos of them. You could tell they were quite modern sheep, as the Mum had her ear pierced and the son had tattoos.
When we got back we put the water in and Al put the Chicken Curry on the stove. This is helping on the gas usage, we are so pleased with how long the gas bottles have been going for.
We are now down to our last bag of coal so we need to be on the lookout for some more wood, a job for tomorrow we think. With temperatures dropping to minus six tonight, with a nice Curry we should be nice and warm inside Derwent6, but looking outside the galley side doors we won't be moving tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Thought it would be lamb curry by now!!!Oh and sorry about this one,but Dad said by putting snow down the toilet,does it make it an igloo,ouch!!!
Dad & Tel xxxxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Dad & Tel
lol No! it's just the snowman using the toilet!!!!!

derwent gnome said...

Please show a little respect. My name is Derwent, Derwent Gnome not gnomie. Follow my blog and feel free to e mail me at der-gnome-went-weir@hotmail.co.uk have you checked all your e mails yet as I have had no reply to any I sent. As you now who I am please check.

dundustin said...

Hi Derwent Gnome, sounds like you had a real survival day yesterday but you still made it look like lots of fun.


Del and Al said...

Thanks Dunny
we will reply to your e-mail

jacker said...