Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Going posh with a bottle of Becks

Today the task was to get more fuel, so we set out and it wasn't long before we came across a fallen tree after those winds we had. There are no photos due to the fact that this will be our secret stash. We got out the chainsaw and chopped the wood, so it fitted in the cratch for drying. The art is to take it off the roof, put it in the cratch and then sit it along side the fire, so by the time it goes on the's dry! Well it works fine for us!!!!!!

We then run the engine for a couple of hours today to top the batteries right up and Al did some hoovering and ironing (so we look posh tonight) while the generator was running, which all seemed to work well.
Del kept right out of it and went up to get more water (another 25 liters) which would allow us both to have showers without worrying, as we were going out to a Birthday party tonight.

The ice and snow here seemed to be melting today, but we think it was the snow melting on top of the ice. When that freezes it will make it even thicker. Oh well we're quite content, but sorry British Waterways it seems we will have to out stay our 14 day mooring, but well done Derwent6 for couping with it all.

A good tip is when it snows build a snowman, because that snow was the last to melt and we have been using it to flush the toilet, saving water.

In the evening we were picked up and taken to some friends Ann & Marcus. They both run a brass band called " Brass, Wind and Fire"and Ann had her Birthday meal at a local pub and another band had played for her. Marcus used to play the trombone with the Blues Brothers and is really good.....(Check out our link to his website) We all had a fantastic time, thanks Ann!!!!


Keith and Jo said...

Hi Del and Al. We maybe coming your way in the next few days as we are coming onto the Leicester Arm, so keep your eyes open or should that be ears as you will hear us before you see us.

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo
That would be great as we need some coal...We'll look out for you.

dundustin said...

its a different world!

derwent gnome said...

Bad game last night shame there was not another brick in the wall it might have helped. The emirates looks like it might be an interesting place to vist next on my travels. But you dont care any way.


Keith and Jo said...

Hi Del and Al. Well we have made it onto the Leicester Arm. We are literally right in the mouth of the arm on moorings. Not sure when we will get towards you as the ice is at least an inch and a half thick, but with the weekend weather being warmer who knows. Hope you have enough coal to last until we make it, that is if we do hahahaha. Jo

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo
Thanks for the update.The ice is still really thick around here, and nothings moved for over 2 weeks, but after the weekend it looks promising (we hope so!!!) Will keep a look out for you.

Del and Al said...

Hi Gnomie
It would be GREAT to see you at the least you would see a good game of football lol

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