Friday, February 13, 2009

Oh No! Friday the bet!

We were just having a cup of coffee while the engine was charging the batteries and suddenly there was a clatter banging noise from the engine room. We quickly turned the engine off and found lots of bits of rubber inside the housing. It had thrown a belt, which turned out to be the domestic alternator belt. We had never been happy with the alignment of this belt and it had already failed twice. Once when it was at quality check at Beta and once in the workshop at Fernwood. You can see that it doesn't sit right in the centre of the jockey wheel and was wearing on one edge.We called Fernwood, who called Foxton Boat Services and two hours later Paul was here to fix it.

It was easy to change the belt, but not so easy to realign the pulleys. When we finally got it done Derwent6 was running like a dream. The service from Foxton Boat Services was fantastic and we can recommended them for any engine repairs. All this was covered under the Beta warranty.

Well because of this, we never had the time to get more water, Derwent6 is well light now due to the fact that we are so low on fresh water and have only a 1/4 tank of diesel. This acts as ballast and keeps the stability in the boat, so at the moment Derwent6 rocks all over the place and the bow is pointing well up in the air. The other bad news today was because of all this rocking, it knocked a plate off the draining board and smashed it on the floor.

But the good news is that it was a lovely day here today and the sun has melted the ice to only one and a half inches we could be on the move shortly.

This afternoon we cleaned the paintwork and the Houdini hatches after all that snow. Then settled down to a nice Shepard's Pie. Comfort food!!!!!!!!


Peruvian Skies said...

Seems like Fernwood boats are keeping Foxton Boat Services really busy at the moment. Paul was here Wednesday and we had excellent service from him too. We managed to move and get water and pump out today, hope its not too long before you can top up and treat yourself to a nice hot shower, its wonderful!

dundustin said...

Just picked up fish and chips on the way home from work, exhausted and tired. Now reading your days events. Its nice to read about the unexpected things that can happen and how you deal with them as I would be useless at anything mechanical. I have made a note to add Foxton Boat Services to my mobile contacts :)

derwent-gnome said...

Not to good a day then hope it gets better for you. Just look at me, life after DEL & AL
Take a look at my blog and see.

Love Derwent

dundustin said...

Least no one went overboard!

Just started my own desgn narrowboat blog

Del and Al said...

Hi Dick and Nettie
Glad you're really enjoying yourselves, and don't worry we can still have a shower every other day!!! hopefully we will move soon.

Del and Al said...

Hi Dundustin
Just checked out your blog and the design looks fantastic can't wait to see the plans

Del and Al said...

Hi Gnomie
Your blog looks great looking forward to more pics x

intelligence said...