Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday's washing day

It seemed weird today with no-one but ourselves on Derwent6 after having friends and family on board for the last week. We had the chance to get loads of washing done like towels and sheets, while we were rigged up to the water tap. So the Beta 50 was fired up and run for five hours...yes five hours!!!
While this was happening Derwent6 got a complete wax polish.

When this was done the bike came out the cupboard and we posted some letters at Long Buckby Whalf.

We then decided, (because we had given the waste tank a pounding) we would have a proper pump out. By proper we mean a good rinse out. So we moved Derwent6 back to Weltonfield marina and got there just in time before they closed. There was another boat getting diesel so we had to wait, but they still didn't mind hanging behind to do our pump out.

We then found a nice spot and moored up for the night.


Anonymous said...

sounds like you need some more visitors - will have to fix something up when we get back from skiing :)x

Anonymous said...

Fancy some company 18th March to 22nd?
Dad & Tel xxxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Z
That would be great!! Spoke to Rachel on line and hoped that we might all be able to get together??
Enjoy the slopes and the sun xx

Del and Al said...

Hi Dad & Tel
Sounds good to us :-)