Sunday, February 08, 2009

Traditional Ways

We had another cold night last night, down to -5, and the ice this morning was 2-3 inches thick all over. So we are having to really watch our water now. As you may know, we have a traditional Buckby can on Derwent6, which many years ago would have been used by the Boatmen and Boatwomen on the working narrowboats to store their water. They didn't have the luxury of modern day water tanks and easily accessible water points. Its a bit ironic that in 2009 we are still relying on the good old Buckby can to see us through.

We're filling it up with snow, and using it to flush the loo!!!

Today we've done a few jobs, and enjoyed the rugby and Dancing on Ice. (We keep waiting for Torvil and Dean to skate by our window)


Anonymous said...

Hi just wondered if you have a water tank gauge yet? or are you just guessing like us? Dick & Netty

Del and Al said...

Hi Dick & Netty
No we're still playing the guessing game lol, just watching the height of the bow! Great to hear from you and hope all is well your end and you're enjoying your lovely boat.