Saturday, February 07, 2009

Silence and the lambs

As you can see we're still stuck thought you might like this video we took this morning from the cratch on Derwent6.


Anonymous said...

Mint sauce... mint sauce!!! The lambs need a bit more meat on them before you consider them for Sunday lunch ... for their sake, let's hope you can set sail soon (or whatever the narrowboating jargon equivalent is!).

Joy & Steve x

Ann said...

Thanks for your wonderful pics and video. I look forward to your postings in this awful weather as we are not getting out much here at the moment. Keep up the good work, don't eat tooo much cake and keep warm and cosy!
Ann X

Anonymous said...

Be in touch

Derwent Gnome

Del and Al said...

Hi Joy & Steve
We haven't been tempted by vegetarianism yet lol, but roast lamb is not on the menu for Sunday lunch today!

Del and Al said...

Thanks Ann for following the blog we're glad you're enjoying it,and don't worry we're walking the cake off!

Anonymous said...

Just looked at the tab you said about and it shows you under a bridge. But there are two boats to the right of the bridge that can be seen on full zoom but I am unable to make you out.


Anonymous said...

We just love that vidio of the lambs, they are so cute. We have got sheep in the feild behind the house, but no lambs yet,can'wait to see them skipping about

See you soon

Lots of love
Mum and Keith XX

Del and Al said...

Hi Steve
The maps only show the location..The images are old images so won't show us in the pictures... Hope this helps you to know where we are!

les said...

Nice to know i`m not the only blogger to be frozen in and it seems not that far away either.
Might just see you both at braunston if the ice melts soon.
What a first year afloat you`re having.
Take care.
LES (NB Valerie)

Del and Al said...

Hi Les
See you're at Norton Junction....we've been trying to get there for 11 days!!Hoped to move this week but the weather forecast don't look too clever. Hope to see you at Braunston at some point!
Keep warm