Saturday, February 21, 2009

A bridge too far

It was so difficult to move this morning we had a lovely spot...The Sun was out and there was no wind, but we had a table booked so had to set off at around 11.30. It was a nice break for us as Len did all the steering, Terry got deep into her book, we just chilled out taking in the scenery. It felt like spring already. We then got to the Napton flight and got water at the bottom and a cup of tea as there was a nip in the air. At the bottom we passed two bloggers, Ten Bob Note and Lazy Days, but there was no sign of life and light was fading. So we moved on then to The Bridge Inn where we were booked in for Dinner, we had a great time. The bridge is quite famous due to the fact it was there before the road went over it. This bridge was the first brick test bridge on the canal system which is why it has the number 111, It was tested by coal carts pulled by horses, and you can see all the pictures in The Bridge Inn.
We were treated to a night time drink before we left, which made sure we got a good nights sleep.

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