Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Shop till you drop!

We did some oiling today....yes oiling! we oiled the galley tops, the draining board, the cratch A frame and the cratch table.... Then we set off out as Al fancied a bit of shopping and Del needed some bits for the 150 hours engine oil change...can you believe it, we have now done 150 hours and haven't been anywhere.

We walked along the cut to bridge 17 and then made our way up the hill to a large farm shop place called Heart of the Shires (
We had a nice coffee and a scone (with jam of course) and a pleasant wander around the stores which had loads of interesting items. We also picked up a plate (to replace the one we broke) and also got some birthday cards for some of our friends.

We then made our way back and popped into the Chandrey at Wilton Marina and got ourselves a chimney cleaning brush, oil and filter and some rope for side fenders.

Coming back up through the locks we saw a very colourful and unusual bird. It turned out to be a male Mandarin, which we had never seen before in all our travels on the waterways. It was such a pretty bird, which had bright orange wings which poked up like sails. It was having a go at all the ducks around it.

We also spotted a couple of windlass in the empty canal, so we will be poping back there tomorrow to try and pick them up with the sea searcher.

Football's on again tonight so best stay put.......and Oh Al's just broke a glass so we might be back to the shops again tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I hope it was not Roses glass!!!

Anonymous said...

I cant see the face clearly enough but it looks like you have found a picture of my brothers boy. Nice to see you still think about me even if you dont know me as well as you think.


dundustin said...

I just got back from work and always look forward to your days posting. What a beautiful place the Shires looks.
Thanks for settling my mind about the washing machine.
p.s can you boil an electric kettle?
i do like my tea of an evening.


Derwent Gnome said...

Hi Al when I got to the place I call home for the moment I got the magnifying glass out and yes I can confirm that you have a picture of my brothers boy and guess what his name is ???


keep looking and you might find other members of my family.