Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Cold howling winds

The wind was howling against the sides of Derwent6 and the first job of the day was to clean the chimney... we have a long brush which gets right down the flue. Covering Derwent6 with sheets first we work the brush so you get all the coke out. Next job was to check all the levels on the engine and gearbox after the long run the other day. We were then on the hunt for wood and manage to find some not too far away. With the fire now drawing nicely we kept warm in the bitterly cold wind and showers.

The latest on the freezer is that we have been putting it on fast freeze when running the engine and then turning it down to one or two on the dial when we turn the engine off... It seems to be working as we don't hear the freezer working overnight now and the low voltage light now isn't on in the morning. This should work well in the summer!!!

We had a really easy day just messing about really. We've got a nice spot here and will be watching the Easter rush hour from here...

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