Sunday, March 21, 2010

Del the salesman suspect

For the first time this year we have managed to have breakfast out in the cratch... Al went and got the papers this morning and we just chilled with them and trying to do a crossword competition for that holiday in the Bahamas... We decided to put the freezer back on today so we will see how the batteries cope. In the afternoon Del took the rubbish to the basin while Al wrote a few cards and did some cleaning jobs and made a quick apple pie. Late afternoon we watched the microlight guys having fun in the field next to us. We did have some real action at around 8.00pm in the evening though. We were watching Dancing On Ice when there was a knock on the boat."Who's that" Del shouted, "The Police" was the answer. Oh!

It turned out that someone had been doing door to door sales at the local houses and gave the occupants some threatening behaviour. The people in the houses think it is someone off a boat, so Del was a suspect... We were asked a few questions about what we had seen in the area and it soon became clear to the police that it wasn't us. In the afternoon we did have a small cruiser pull up along side us for a couple of hours... maybe he could have told them more ;-).... We were a bit worried though because we had found a fallen tree which had come down in the winds and we thought it was about that... Still no harm done!!!


Leigh said...

Hi Both, Don't know if you if would remember us, Leigh and John, we met you about 12 months ago when you were moored up just outside Hopwas Wood, Tamworth. You told us of your life and we decided to take the plunge, only 2 more months to go before we begin the new life. I hope you are not sickening of it seen as you are trying to win a holiday in the Bahama's! Sorry to here of the un-pleasant experience with the law today as well! What a shock. Hopefully the sun will be shining tomorrow, and peace and tranquility will return to you both. See you soon hopefully.

Del and Al said...

Hi Leigh & John, lovely to hear from you and yes, we remember meeting you last year! Really pleased to hear about your plans, bet you are excited. Keep us posted....
We are loving this life, and can't imagine living any other way just gets better and better! As for the holiday in the Bahama's, just a bit of fun lol....someones got to win!!
Keep in touch x