Thursday, March 25, 2010

Gleaming inside and out

Del woke up, alone this morning and never got his eggs with a kiss, but hey the sun was shining. It was a good time to do some brass cleaning inside Derwent6. With the engine now purring like a kitten the generator was running and the vacuum cleaner in full swing. When Al turned up, Del was in the sunshine cleaning the porthole brasses, but heavy clouds were looming in the distance (shouldn't of done those brasses)

Ten minutes later the heavens opened and we closed the doors to the sound of it pounding against the roof. We then chilled out for the rest of the day, with reading and music.... In the evening we sorted out our snagging list for Fernwood again as the first one has got lost.

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Anonymous said...

If you keep polising that brass,you wiil wear it out!!!!!!!!Telxx