Thursday, March 18, 2010

Saving the best till last

We had a bit of a nothing day today, just pottering around and doing those odd jobs... but just like you do, we saved the best till last.
We gave Jo and Keith a knock on n.b. Hadar in the hope Keith was well enough to walk into town for a drink. Lets give it a go they said... We walked down to a place recommended by Mo and Ness which was up a hidden alleyway called Joules the eating house. The walls were all covered in sheets of music and full of old antique instruments. Every 3rd Thursday of every month they hold a open mic night where locals turn up with instruments and play.... It is held in a courtyard full of old antiques and they just have a few tables and heaters in like a small barn with a marquee on the end with a bar.....We were the first to turn up...Well the quality of these people blew us away, we had a fantastic night. It went on till about 11.30pm and we saw about 10 different artists. All these people had written their own stuff and one teenage girl in particular was just outstanding. Food was also available. We got back to Derwent6 at about midnight and had cheese and biscuits before going to bed.

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