Thursday, March 25, 2010

Al down south, Derwent6 serviced

We were up early this morning as Al was traveling down to Kent to see some friends in Maidstone and Del was doing the service on the Beta 50. Al left at 11.00am and walked to the station, and Del got to work. After running the engine for twenty minutes Del did the engine and gearbox oil change. Then it was the greasing up of all the linkages and the stern gland tube. Then it was the turn of the fuel filters, which when removed looked to be the wrong ones, although they did seem to fit OK, so they will have to be changed at a later date. We still have a squeak coming from the belts and Fernwood are sorting this out, as a new pulley is required. After cleaning out the waste oil from under the engine and cleaning out the bilge, the day was almost gone.

Del then walked down to get rid of the waste from the service and then walked down into Market Harborough to grab a bit of grub and a pint for four pounds at Weatherspoons, with the bonus of watching the football.

Al visited her mum and dad and then met friends Karen B, Alison, and Karen T (some past work mates) for something to eat in Prezzo's in Maidstone. A good time was had by all. Al stayed at her mum and dad's for the night, while Del was kept awake on Derwent6 by some very chilled out youths hanging out on the bridge till three in the morning!

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