Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Shopping together

The day started with the kettle going on and the gas running out.. It would do after we were at the marina yesterday, still it had lasted four months so we won't complain. There was a knock on the stern and it turned out to be Mo off n.b Balmaha. Funnily enough they were also waiting for a Tesco's delivery and believe it or not at the same time slot..What are the chances!!! Tesco's arrived at 11.00am and we both loaded up with food. After that Mo & Ness came on Derwent6 for a cup of tea and a Hot Cross bun. We then went our separate way's, but before n.b Balmaha pulled the pins they helped us through the tricky swingbridge.. Thanks guys and see you in the near future!

The sun started to come out and it was only about half a mile before we were in the countryside and moored up. We sat out in the cratch and had some lunch in the sunshine. It was nice to be stocked up with food again. With nothing on the TV we played and sung music before going to bed.

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