Wednesday, March 17, 2010

On up to Harborough

With the sun trying to come out, we pulled the pins and pushed on towards Market Harborough. We were on the hunt for wood as our levels had run low and spotted some just two miles into our journey. We stopped Derwent6 and loaded a few fallen tree trunks onto the roof before heading off and finding a good mooring to cut and saw it all up. We then continued on to Harborough and moored on a recommended mooring from Mo and Ness. We then had lunch and then made our way into town for a quick look around. On the way back we popped in to see Keith and Jo on coal boat n.b. Hadar. ( Keith has not been well and they have been stuck here for four months with hospital appointments. We were lucky and saw Keith on one of his good days.... We spent a couple of hours with them before heading along the towpath back to Derwent6. It was a very pretty walk and all the houses gardens and trees were all lit up, it was like walking along at the seaside, we just needed fish and chips in hand. In the evening we watched the football and for Al, her Desperate Housewife's.


Anonymous said...

Glad you are now in M.Harborough, we will come and find you tomorrow morning with the log cutting bench that Keith has made for you.See you soon.
Mum & Keith xxxxxx

Keith and Jo Lodge said...

Was lovely to see you both yesterday. We are looking forward to later. Keith is good today, so will enjoy an evening out. See you later. xx

Keith and Jo Lodge said...

Hi both.
Thank you for a fantastic evening. We really enjoyed your company at the Joules Acoustic Night last night. There is some really wonderful talent out there.
Happy Anniversary for today. Have a wonderful day. May see you over the weekend, xxx

Del and Al said...

Hi Jo & Keith
Thankyou, and thanks for a great night! It was good fun. See you soon x