Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Alarming Forty's

While out yesterday we manage to pick up this smoke alarm for £3.00 at Wilkinsons so it was the first job of the day to get it fitted. They are so good we will have to get another one for the engine room. We just chilled during the day watching the rugby and passing the time really.. In the evening we got ourselves ready for a 1940's night with Brass Wind and Fire Big Band playing. It was only a short walk down into town and Al wore her trainers down for walking and changed into her high heels when we got there. When we arrived most people had dressed up in 40's clothing and when it started they were all dancing 40's style. The band were fantastic and the singers great. We had a great time trying to master the quick step, cha cha cha, and lindy hop, but failed badly... It all ended at around 11.30pm and Al changed back into her trainers and we walked back to Derwent6. A good night was had by all!!!


Anonymous said...

If you can wait for a smoke detector next time we meet I will get one from work. But if you had looked when you were previously robbing us you may have found one or two then.


abfab said...

Looks great, last September we had a great time at a forties weekend at Holt Station in North Norfolk.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of having 40s music for the afternoon tea reception at the wedding - that or a jazz band but worried the latter will be too loud....would you recommend???


Del and Al said...

Hi Steve, thanks but they are all fitted now, and we have the receipts!

Del and Al said...

Hi Trudy, yep it was great fun and a bit different

Del and Al said...

Hi Z
Think 40's would go down a treat. Either music or a small band x