Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fishermen or Freezer

We got up at 6.00am a bit bleary eyed and put on the heating. With a cup of tea and some toast we watched the Grand Prix (well done Jensen)

At 8.00am we were surrounded by fishermen who had a fishing match on today. Just as the Grand Prix finished the fishing match started and we really needed to start our engine to charge the batteries. With the tv on last night and early this morning the freezer was stuggling to keep the meat frozen and the warning light had started to flash, but we kept our cool and decided to turn the freezer off and have a walk to get some air. We picked up some bits and pieces on the way and then popped in to see Jo & Keith on n.b.Hadar. (see link) They offered us coffee and cake which we couldn't turn down and had a chat for about a hour and a half. When we got back the fishermen were just packing up so we started the engine. We had to run the engine for about three hours to get the battereis back up to full strength and we manged to save most of the things in the freezer. We had to eat the chicken for dinner which had suffered the worse.

Well it looks like the camera has finally given up the ghost and we may have to get a new one. It will be back to the reserve camera which takes longer to download the photos so there won't be so many at the moment.

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Keith and Jo Lodge said...

Arghhhhhhhhhh. Is that really me. Nice cake shame about the baker. LOL.
It was as always lovely to see you both and to have a chit chat.
Thank you for our Easter Egg. It is sitting in the cupboard, just crying out to be eaten on Sunday mmmmm.
Happy and safe cruising to the both of you.
Lots of love and hugss Jo xx