Friday, April 02, 2010

The walls are bleeding

We woke up to the horror of tar coming down the wooden panels on Derwent6 this morning. It must have been because we had cleaned the chimney and when the fire had gone out overnight the rain had washed the coke back down the chimney and somehow got behind the wood panelling. It had also gone outside and was all over the roof and had run down the exterior. This shouldn't be able to happen as the collar fits inside the flue. It happened before when we had cleaned the chimney, but not as bad as this time. Luckily we had put it on the snagging list so Fernwood will have to sort this one out. It has marked the woodwork but hopefully it will clean up... watch this space!

After spending most of the morning cleaning up the mess, we just pottered about for the rest of the day. We were buzzed by a couple of people n.b Balmaha were keeping a eye on us and also the police helicopter flew low and gave us a wave, but we couldn't get the camera out quick enough. We just watched the footy in the evening....

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Anonymous said...

more like your getting slooow in your old age.