Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Move along please

It was a lovely morning so Del did some brasses while Al did the housework. We had to leave at 11.30 as we now had a full waste tank and were getting low on water. We also needed a gas bottle so we made our way up to the basin and moored up on the services. When we got there we were greeted with "Are you going to be long!" Yes! was the reply as we were a bit desperate. Oh we're cleaning engines today as we have loads of boats going out Thursday. Can you come back tomorrow? This is a BW service point and Canaltime seem to own it. Of course it's not Canaltime anymore, as it is all owned by Alverchurch. Hmmmmm........ Still no more ranting!!!

We had our pumpout and then moved out of the way, alongside n.b Hadar (see link) to fill with water and get our gas bottle. While we were waiting we had lunch and then sat on the bench with our cup of tea. It was there we noticed Brian and Diana on n.b Harnser (see link) over the other side of the basin , so we walked over with tea in hand to have a chat. We picked up two bags of coal from Jo and Keith before we made our way back out to moor somewhere before the rain set in. It rained again on and off all evening so we lit the fire and settled down with the telly.

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Wozie said...

We were turned off mooring in the basin too and told they were expecting 14 boats coming in and could we moor on the towpath somewhere.
Are they allowed to do this and do they own the basin?