Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Weekend Static

Over the weekend we decided to stay put.. It has been so quiet here at Braunston with moorings all around. On Saturday Del got the papers and we sat reading till midday. Then we made the mistake of walking up to the Plough pub to watch Arsenal on BT Sport.. well although they were advertising it, their system wasn't working, so we had to walk up to The Wheatsheaf and by the time we got there they were 3-0 down.. When they went 4-0 down we walked home with the hope of picking up some Fish and Chips on the way, and you guessed it the chippy closed at 1.30pm so at least we were going to be a bit slimmer. 
We drowned our sorrows with a bottle of wine back on Derwent6 and Al cooked a lovely Lasagna and we ended up having an early night..
Sunday was one of those chill out days, as the traffic went passed too fast as usual, but I suppose we will have to get used to it now.. We resisted the pubs Sunday Roast 2 for 1 as Al had cooked a lovely bit of Pork on Derwent6 and as you can image that finished us off for the day.. Del spent pretty much most of the evening watching the Great Escape programmes on the telly........

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