Saturday, March 15, 2014

Chicken Soup

The plan was to leave early this morning but on surfacing the canal was covered in a blanket of thick fog.. Pea Soup!  
We left it for an hour and then thought we would try to get to the locks in the hope that when we were going down the locks the sun would have burnt through and vision would be back to full capacity. So we left with about 10 metres of visibility and it was a bit dodgy getting through the bridges, when you can't see them..
Still we made it to the locks.
We thought they might say it was too dangerous to go down but they said they would all help us.. 
We soon got to the bottom and was on our way, but the fog still hadn't cleared but was a little better than at the top. We took the turn at Norton Junction and at last we could see sunshine.
Here we noticed Jacquie on n.b Ducks 2 Water and stopped for a nice chat and a catch up to make sure she was alright. It was lovely to see Jacquie.
We then made our way to Braunston via the tunnel. It had been so quiet so far as no other idiot would travel in the thick fog like we did.. The tunnel was the same and we didn't meet anyone.
On the other side we spotted some wood so we loaded a bit more on the roof, well it is free..

The locks were in our favour till we got half way down then we had to fill the last three.. In the last one we left Derwent6 in the lock while we went to the Chandlers.
Here we picked up our new glass for the wood burner which cracked the other day, a job for tomorrow.. We idled our way through Braunston and then back out into the countryside, heading back to Rugby..
The sun was out and we had clear blue skies with the new born lambs in the fields.
Still very quiet for a Friday we got to Hillmorton where we met up with Keith and Ann on n.b. Oakfield. Keith very kindly offered to help us down the locks even though he had just poured out a  cup of coffee.
So with mug in hand he was on the lock gates.
So it was another speedy decent and we were on our way again, blimey this was turning into a long day and we had just about had enough.. We found a nice spot which Derwent6 just fitted into.. It had been a lovely cruise!!
Al had a roast chicken cooking while we were cruising and it was just about done by the time we moored, and the smell made us so hungry.   We were soon stuffing our faces in front of the telly, and with full tummies after the long day it finished us off. When the sun is out you just can't beat this life!!!!!


Jacquie said...

Jeez, sack the photographer & stylist!! I hadn't even brushed my hair !!! ( I had been cleaning the boat ) My photos of you are a lot more flattering - you must have had the better light. We didn't get long enough time as usual - maybe soon. Best Wishes x

Del and Al said...

lol.....much too early for photo's! Hope to have more time next time for a beer and longer chat, take care x