Sunday, March 23, 2014

Free Beer and Peppered

We were woken up by the early boats going past us here at Braunston, so we lit the fire and had some breakfast. We had just finished when there was a tap on the boat by Angie and Dave from n.b. Lady Ester. They are having their boat painted at the moment and it was good to see them.. This got us going and we decided to go for a walk. We first made our way down to A J Canopies but found they were closed. We are looking for something to seal and clean the cratch cover as everything we try doesn't seem to work.. So we then walked up to the shop as we had a few things to post. We then had a walk up to the Wheatsheaf pub to see what was going on and then walked back along past the church back towards Derwent6.. It was nice to stretch our legs a bit, but you could feel a nip in the wind and it was getting colder again.. We then decided to stop off at the Boathouse pub and have our free beer courtesy of Sue on n.b. No Problem who had printed off a couple of vouchers for us, thanks Sue.. We also had some nibbles to go with it in the sunshine overlooking Derwent6. We went back home at 3.00pm and chilled for a couple of hours before getting ready to go out again..
At 7.45pm we went out up to The Old Plough Inn to see Dave Pepper, who was a session guitarist (who is a liveaboard boater) who is now a singer/songwriter.
He has played with the Kinks and other bands all round the world including Canada and Nashville,  and has even written a song about Braunston Tunnel. He has also written a Christmas song for Status Quo which could be out at the end of the year.. We had a great night dancing and singing the night away with some boating friends.

 We got back to Derwent6 at 1.00am, just!

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