Monday, March 10, 2014

Brillant News!

We travelled down to Kent on the first as it was Pam's ( Al's mums) 85th Birthday. We arrived on the Saturday and managed to get through London and arrived at 2.00pm. We soon got Pam into the wheelchair and then took her to a small cafe not too far from them where we met up with Al's sister Jo and the boys and their kids. Pam had a lovely time and it was very enjoyable.
We had a cream tea, with cakes and scones which Pam loved with all the family together..
They also did her a great Birthday cake But we couldn't get 85 candles.. We stayed with her in the evening and that night..
On Sunday it was jobs day.. Del was up early with Alf (Al's dad) and then they loaded up the car and went up to the tip with loads of rubbish. On the way back they went via Wickes and got some cement for the garage. Del then filled the gaps on the floor making the garage water tight.. He also put up ladders and bikes so things were out of the way and secure.. In the afternoon Al did a lovely roast lamb Sunday lunch so her dad didn't have to cook for a change.. In the evening we met up with Steve and Erica in Shoreham Village and went to an old haunt of ours Ye Olde George Inn. It was lovely that they had come to see us, and we all chilled out a bit.
On Monday we carried out a few more jobs in the morning before Alf had to go to the hospital, first for the liver clinic and then for his pacemaker.. Del looked after Pam and all the checks were carried out. They didn't have a bed for him to stay in that night, so Al and Alf came back home.

On the Tuesday it was all going on. Alf and Al had to go back to the hospital for his pacemaker to be fitted, while Del stayed with Pam again. During the day the cleaners arrived, Pam had her hair done and shopping was delivered..  Al got Alf settled then made her way back to a doctors appointment for the results on a MRI scan she had a couple of weeks ago.. Carers were arranged for Pam so Del could go with Al, we were on tender hooks as we walked into the consultants room..
Well it was Good News!!! Hooray! the lump was a benign legion of tissue which was stuck in her ribcage and hopefully it should slowly disappear. It was such a relief.. So with that problem solved Del then dropped Al back at the station so she could get back to the hospital to get back to her dad coming out of surgery. Del went back to Pam to relieve the carers.. Al got back at 9.00pm that night after seeing her dad making a slow but good recovery and looking well.. Pancake day got put on a back burner..
On Wednesday we waited for a call from the hospital hoping Alf would be discharged and meanwhile we had to call a district nurse out for Pam as she had an ingrowing toe nail which had got infected, oh yes it was all going on..  We got a call from the hospital saying Alf would be discharged around lunchtime so Al left again on the train up to King's while Del cared for Pam again.. At 4.00pm Alf and Al arrived and Alf was so pleased to be home.. He was a bit weary and not able to lift his arm but looked well.. Al cooked the dinner, a lovely roast chicken followed by the beloved pancakes we missed out on last night.. Pam and Alf loved them..
On Thursday Del made his way back to Derwent6 while Al stayed down a couple more days to sort out the cleaning, cooking and lifting for her dad and helping looking after her mum..
On Saturday Al came back home to Derwent6 and we had time to celebrate the good news of Al's health........ Oh and also Arsenal stuffing Everton in the FA Cup..

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