Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tasks in the Wind

We woke up early and made plans to move today. Al wanted to pic up some bits in Next and also a few things in Tesco's (the heavy stuff) so we moved up to Brownsover and turned and topped up with water.
Del helped Al carry the beer and wine back to Derwent6 and then we set off again..
It was very windy and it had got worse as we pushed off so we took it steady up to Hillmorton Locks.
Things were going fine till Al whacked her arm with the windlass when the catch never went down fully, so a nice bruise there..
We got to the top and the wind got more difficult but Derwent6 was so heavy with a full tank of water and a full tank of diesel, together with our waste tank that needed emptying so it wouldn't move us too much.  The forecast wasn't so good and heavy rain was forecast for late afternoon so we pushed on back to Braunston..
When we arrived there wasn't many moorings so we decided to go through and empty the waste tank.
With some careful maneuvering Del managed to reverse Derwent6 onto the pumpout station. We had a good flush out and then got going to find a mooring.. We managed to get a spot right outside The Boathouse and it was tricky holding Derwent6 in the wind as we tied up, especially with Al's arm.
Del was happy as we got telly for the football...  We had just finished our warm up cup of tea and the rain started.. Good timing!  So we are very content at the moment...

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